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”Get rid of the grid” – Choose RABS instead!

You might think that you have chosen the best for you and your machine by choosing BOTH security window and grid? Well, here’s an eye opener: Hammerglass RABS is the only solution that meets the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s criteria for driver safety in mining and quarrying.

– Today’s standard is not enough to protect the drivers from all possible situations that may occur. That is a truth that we want to spread knowledge about, says Martin Mellerhav.

Just because a screen is blast tested and so to say explosion safe, does not mean it is unbreakable…
Let’s take it one more round. Explosion safe does NOT mean unbreakable. A blast tested screen can stand the pressure wave from excavated undetonated explosives and it will not be pushed into the cabin, which means it can withstand what it has been tested for. BUT. It can break from a sharp stone projectile that goes off by the pressure wave from the same explosion. With that said, it is not a good enough protection for the driver.

... and just because you have a grid you are not safe…
The combination of an explosion safe screen and grid is a safety solution that neither is good enough or safe enough, since both of them can let through potentially fatal stone projectiles.

... but you can have a solution that is grid free and still safe from explosions!
Hammerglass RABS solution gives you a complete driver protection that will withstand both explosions and stone projectiles. Meanwhile, the driver has a clear view and does not have to look through grid during their work day.

– We have tested RABS according to the regulations of Swedish Work Environment Authority and we are the only ones in the industry that can deliver this safety solution to the end customers. Of course this feels great, but still we must observe the prevailing safety gap, so more drivers can avoid injury, says Martin Mellerhav.

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